Saturday, April 6, 2013


I have problems with authority. The majority of authority figures are adults who only see teenagers as an inconvenience; they seem to think we’re too busy being miserable and smoking dope to realize what’s really going on.  If adults spent half the time just listening to us instead of making assumptions then maybe they’d realize that we’re smarter than they give us credit for.  It’s like, when they turn thirty and start having 'real problems' they suddenly forget what it was like to be sixteen and have problems they thought were real at the time.

It's naturally born within us. Problems. The complexity of it has always made us suffer. We challenge ourselves by keeping our heads high and driving past these brick walls. We’re teenagers. All of us have done stupid and obscure things that we may never be able to take back, but that doesn’t mean we fall completely. Some of us have days where we feel like our pinkies are the last and final elements that are helping us hang onto the cliff that we’re trying to save ourselves from. We can’t just fall from that, letting our problems win. Some days we feel like failures and we just want to die.  We are probably the number one generation where we fight through the difficulties of our lives. Some of us have those to turn to.  And others?  We depend on ourselves. It’s sad knowing that people have no one to turn to.  We may have it all: nice clothes, fair grades, a good deal of friends.  But when we’re by ourselves, we peel back these layers and our true selves end up showing who we are and what we’re really going through.

Sure, I can say that no one will really understand how I think. Not even my mom. My friends don’t even come close to how I really am. They don’t know me. Sometimes I don’t even know myself, but maybe that’s normal for me. I don’t know what this post is supposed to point out. I guess it points out a lot of stuff, but nothing specific.

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