Monday, March 18, 2013

Hollywood Infected Your Brain

Just thought I'd muster a compilation of photos from my eventful weekend!

My friend Rose and I fished through innumerable heaps of distressed shorts and crop tops at the Wasteland Sample Sale on Saturday.

Overwhelmed by the racks of vibrant garments and hipsters.

DJ Tamara Sky killing it.

I was completely starstruck seeing Niki Takesh and took a sneaky photo of her as a result of my sudden shyness.

 By good fortune, we stumbled across an amazing yard sale just across the street from the Sample Sale.

Couldn't resist snapping photos of the expressive street art plastered on every other wall.

Strawberry almond juice to gratify my current juice obsession.

For a while, it's been my top priority to explore The Cobra Shop.  Now I can proudly scratch that off my bucket list!  From the the vulgar merchandise to the eerie collection of Ferbies, I couldn't get enough of the 80's grunge vibe.

 Our next stop was the prominent thrift shop, Jetrag.  There were SO many vintage novelties in this shop that I felt more claustrophobic and less like Macklemore (even with that big ass coat).

Fun fact: Harry bought his Hooters shirt at Jetrag!

 As a triumphant hurrah to our productive day, Rose and I walked to The Grove and ordered a delicious Nutella crepe.  On our way there, we saw Left Brain from Odd Future sporting camouflage overalls and trying to blend in with a tree.  It was glorious.


Studded denim jacket with distressed cross

Die Antwoord shirt

Eyeball lighter

Psychic tarot oracle deck

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my purchases considering I only spent thirty dollars!  Next thrift shop outing, you're all invited.

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