Thursday, March 14, 2013

Who am I?

I'm Ivie, a Los Angeles native raised by the wide blue skies that are bestowed upon every 21st century North American teen.  I'm Korean-American and very newly sixteen.  My writing tends to fluctuate between depth to shallowness within the span of each post, and my photography is the result of my narcissism.  My weapon of choice is a Nikon D3100 with a 35mm lens.  I'm currently a sophomore in high school and I hope to do something that I love one day, and be a positive contribution to society.  I'll probably end up working nine to five at an office job and writing sappy love stories in my spare time.  I hope not.

I have multiple personalities.  I fall in love with ideas and art and people way too easily.  My not so secret fantasy is waking up in a shoebox apartment in London while Harry Styles makes me breakfast in bed.  I also hate a lot of things, like fruits with too many seeds, small talk, and scratchy comforters.  Sometimes you'll like what I blog, other times you won't.  I'm real, promise.

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